On May 5th, MAH was invited to the Kam Society’s Spring banquet held at Jade Dynasty Restaurant.  It was a fun evening and fabulous banquet dinner that was presented.  It is always nice to see familiar faces.

With Jenna Kam- Former Miss Chinatown

With Nicky and Tina from Miss Chinatown Hawaii

Since it’s the year of the Dragon at many of the Chinese Society Banquets you’ll see both a Lion and Dragon brought in to usher prosperity for everyone in attendance.  They perform for the officers and then will circle the room.  A couple things to remember never feed the lion until he has given his blessing to the officers.  It is not proper to feed the dragon, instead you can have the dragon pass over you to offer it’s blessings.

As you know beauty queens are not only beautiful but we are intellectual women who have many talents.  I’ve been dancing the hula since I was 5 years old and when I was asked if I would perform a talent, hula was a natural choice.

Dancing a hula auana with a live band.  🙂

After a quick change back to my cheongsam all the queens in attendance were asked to come up to the stage.  Kam Society President Sally, presented each queen with a Licee or Hong Bao (lucky red envelope usually containing money).

Narcissus Queen and court, Miss Chinatown Queens and MAH

What a great evening with good food, friends, and fun.

Until next time…