July 28, 2012

After months of preparation and finding the right dress, swimsuit and ethnic costume I boarded my flight for the Miss Asian America/ Miss Asian Global pageant.  I was nervous and just hoping the girls would be nice and the week would go well.

I felt a little better that some of my pageant sisters from the Miss Asia Sacramento pageant were picking me up from the airport and would take me around for the day.

After checking into the hotel, we went to pacific seafood restaurant to grab a bite to eat and chat.  The next stop was to do some sight seeing.  My friends, Sarah and Lily made sure that it was to see places that were not necessarily the typical tourist spots.  We went to see the 16th Avenue tiled steps project.  After Legion of Honor we went to Genkis to get dessert and crepe and banana egg puff.

Stay tuned for my next blog to hear about my pageant week experience.