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It is a great honor to be crowned as Miss Asia Honolulu 2013.

My mission as Miss Asia Honolulu 2013 is to raise awareness about food concerns and poor lifestyle choices. There are a lot of people in the world, and very few resources available. California has the poorest air quality in the nation, in which creates an unhealthy environment for every living being. I believe the start to creating a healthier environment begins with the present generation and continues with the children and we should educate the youth about how important it is to create a self sustaining lifestyle as we all share this planet. I intend to carry out this goal by starting a food farm and donating organic food to charities such as the soup kitchen. I wish to use a plot of land and keep it open to educate children how to maintain their own plants with natural pest control, compost, plant nutrition, garden techniques, etc. There are not enough people who understand the benefits of holistic healing methods. I believe teaching with nature will help us understand how food is medicine. We can heal ourselves and teach others as well with a sustainable lifestyle.