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160My time in Honolulu WAS my trip to Hawaii. I was originally born in Honolulu and it was the best part of my trip. I made a checklist of what I wanted to do in Hawaii weeks before I arrived. My checklist included; eating poke, malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery, and spend sometime with the family. I spent time with family, shopped around Ala Moana, and had my own room. I got to meet the newest baby of my family. She is so adorable, she was only a year old and she loved balloons and her Grandmother. It was also very interesting to see how my cousins turned out after my 4 year absence.

My little cousins grew up, still annoying and adorable as ever.  164  9

In Kauai, I had some Poke there but I think it spoiled before I got to eat it. In Honolulu, my family bought me fresh poke to eat which i shared with everyone at the table because there was plenty.

In the Ala Moana mall, I took my laptop to get fixed in the Apple store. Ironically across the way was a Windows/Microsoft store. It looked exactly like the Apple store, except Windows.

It was amazing to see how much everybody has grown up since my last visit, it almost makes me cry that I missed so much of my family’s life in such a short amount of time. I know I’m going to miss them.

The most annoying part of my trip was when I was CONSTANTLY FED. I almost snapped. I would ask NOT TO BE FED ANYMORE, but of course that just asked to be fed more. Geez, no wonder I was morbidly obese a long time ago from visiting Hawaii. It was because I was CONSTANTLY BEING FED and I thought it was rude to turn down a meal made with love. But now I see that certain members of my family thought they were giving me love when they fed me, but they were actually slowly killing me. And to top that off, they blamed me for my unhealthy habits. I do admit, it was entirely my fault but they were also a part of the problem.

It was funny when I cut a mango, rubbed calamansi and vinegar on it, and then put chili powder and watched the people around me freak out with question marks over their heads.

I absolutely love Honolulu and I can’t wait to visit again! ❤ ❤ ❤

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