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Helping out the staff of the Kauai’s Creative Arts Academy was a highlight of my trip to the island. I watched Alexa choreograph an entire routine with children who appear to be between the ages of 4 and 10. It seems as if Alexa had custom mixed tracks for the routine. After practice, she had all the children circle together and laid pieces of paper with words on the floor. It is kind of like musical chairs, but when the music stops the children have to pick up the word and act it out. Most children made a big “O” with their arms to imitate the word “sun”. Some children were a little too embarrassed to act out the words, but Alexa was able to get them out of their shell. After the word game, Alexa and I picked up all the words on the floor and Alexa brought a huge inflated beach ball. The game was like hot potato, but if you didn’t have the hot potato you have to dance. It was a class challenge to beat the record.

Recess was after 1st period. Everyone ate their snacks and either watched the children outside or play outside

After 1st period, I spent 2nd and 3rd period with the peaceful martial arts class. The instructor’s name is Pua La’a. She studied Chinese Opera which is similar to fighting martial arts but more theatrical. 12Her assistant was her son who I have observed is very strict with the children. Miss Pua is very sweet to the children. It was great to see the children excited to learn yoga and a few concepts of martial arts. I shared with her that I trained in Choy Li Fut Kung-Fu for about 6 years. I told her the story of my teacher’s pet peeve with thumbs sticking out. The symbol of the thumb sticking out means you are not showing humility and therefore disrespecting your opponent. If you disrespect your teacher, you risk your thumb cut off XD hahahaha. I had a lot of fun volunteering and I wish I had the ability to stay for more than just a single day.