On October 5th, I attended the Aloha Festival at the Cal Expo. I am wearing a purple shirt because earlier that day I participated in a “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” event.


I was from Honolulu, so the first place I wanted to check out was the food. Every time I visit my relatives in Honolulu they always want me to eat! But they say, food is love, food is medicine, and love is medicine! Every time I go to Hawaii, or when my uncle feels like it, I absolutely have to have fresh poke at least once! Imagine my reaction when I found out they were selling Ahi Poke at the festival! $9.00 was a lot but it was enough for me!




Indoors, I noticed some hula dancers and decided to watch. They were called the Pacific Island Dancers. At first it was the usual hula, but my interest peaked when they started integrating poi balls. The coordinator told us that they were going to do something a little different, they took two people and they did a poi ball trick battle! Both people did their own poi ball tricks and the person with the most applause won the battle.

It was a lot of fun and I got to reminisce about the islands. I still taste the poke mmmmm~~~!