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The Girl Scouts Renaissance Faire was held on Saturday at the Cosumnes River College. We performed a lion dance, this time with a Buddha. The Buddha’s job is to guide the lions and make sure the dancers underneath don’t damage the lion. The Buddha has a fan. When the Buddha started fanning me, I stole his fan and ran off with it. It was a very fun routine.

After the lion dance, I helped Eastern Ways with the activities they had set up. One activity involved teaching the girls self defense. We would hold pads and teach them the basics of how to defend themselves. Another activity was a lion dance trial. We took a small lion and let the girls try to lion dance. We even guided them on some basic moves underneath the lion. The last activity involved filling a teacup with water and carrying the teacup to a bowl. The object of the game is to fill the bowl.

It was a lot of fun! I was very tired afterwards, but I slept very well that night.