On November 3rd, the American Medical Student Association volunteered to clean up William Land Park. Our job was to help clean up the ponds in the area. During our cleaning, they were having a walk there at the same time. So many ducks were expected to be fed, and they were so cute.

We were given nets and a rake. Our job was to take out the trash, branches, dead leaves, and any dead creatures we find in the lake. We put what we fished out in a big garbage bag and then throw them into a nearby trashcan. If the branches were too big we stepped on them to make them smaller.

We started at 9am and finished with our job by 12. They served us very good food! Everyone got a sandwich (with meat and vegetables if we wanted), and the option of putting peppers into our sandwich. They gave us chips, and waters for everyone.

It was a lot of fun to work with a bunch of people who were interested in cleaning the public park!