This year’s Thanksgiving was very special to me. My cousin from Hawaii came to our home to spend it with us! We ate an enormous dinner with turkey, Hawaiian Poke, rice, pancit, lumpia, lemon cake, tiramisu, steak, and many more! The next day, we took her to North Star, Lake Tahoe to see the snow. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any snow at that time. Ironically, there was a lot of slushy snow at the resort 3 days later.

We spent a few hours ice skating in the resort. It was difficult to rent a pair of skates because there was so many people renting skates, and they didn’t have our size. In the meantime, we roasted marshmallows and made smores. My cousin would rather eat the marshmallows. We also walked around to see the shops that were around the resort. Our favorite was this candle-making store where you can also stuff fabric animals and paint pottery. My other favorite was a toy store that was close-by.

The next day after that we went to San Francisco. We ate a nutella crepe, and saw the macy’s store tree. We also saw a huge gingerbread house at some hotel, there were a lot of recognizable celebrities recreated as candy on this house such as Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, and Socrates. Then we dropped my cousin off at her dorm and headed home.

I’m glad I had so much fun with my cousin this Thanksgiving.

The fall semester is finally over and I had a lot of fun in my classes. I have a few Cantonese phrases under my belt, and I learned a lot about making soap in my chemistry class. I was very happy to know that I needed a 20% on my final to keep my A in the class, but I studied anyway and did my best just to be sure. For my next semester I signed up for an art chemistry class, which means we are going to talk about intermolecular forces and structures. I am very looking forward to this class. I also have a second level calculus class next semester. My original line up didn’t allow for some classes that I need, but I chose to keep this class because if I didn’t choose to keep this second level calculus class I’d have to wait an entire year to take it. I chose not to wait a year to attend this class. I look forward to the next semester.