Photo on 2013-12-22 at 14.35

Above is picture of the first batch of soap I tried to make! I used shortening, water, and sodium hydroxide to make the soap. I used an old fast food cup as a mold. I used an index card to cut apart the soap.

This was so much fun! I felt like a chemist artist. I didn’t expect the sodium hydroxide to make the water so hot!! Good thing I was wearing gloves and using a glass jar to mix them in.

The first thing I did was mix 3 parts water with 1 part Sodium Hydroxide. I did this part outside because I read that it smells kinda bad at this part. This solution heats up to surprisingly high levels, so you shouldn’t touch it with your bare hands. Also, Sodium Hydroxide is a very basic solution which can irritate your skin.

Then I went to the kitchen and melted down some oil, for my first try I used Crisco shortening. I poured the melted oil into another glass jar and went outside. By this time, the sodium hydroxide water solution cooled down a bit. I poured the sodium hydroxide solution into the oil and started frantically stirring with a wooden skewer.

When the mixture turned into a very light pink color, I poured it in a fast food cup. 2 days later I removed the soap from the cup and cut it up with an index card. It was difficult to get the soap out of the fast food cup, I think I’d rather use a silicone mold next time.

I didn’t add any colorants or oils so it doesn’t smell like anything and it doesn’t look like anything except a circle of soap.

This was so much fun! I wanna do this again!