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I traveled to San Francisco to visit my dad. The theater featured a piece Sekar Jaya Gamelan. My mother was always fascinated with the gamelan and I desperately wanted to see a live show. I would have taken pictures during the performance, but I thought it would have been rude. After the Sekar Jaya Gamelan concert, we traveled to a community center in San Francisco where they premiered “Anita’s Last Cha Cha”. It was an amazing movie! The acting in the movie was impeccable! I usually do not enjoy Tagalog movies because they always seem overly dramatic. This movie was an amazing mix of comedy and self realization. I strongly suggest everyone who reads this post to watch this movie. I believe it truly explores the complications associated with Filipino women, especially the newer generation growing up to the modern times yet surrounded by traditional values. When the movie comes out on Blu-ray DVD, I will immediately purchase it!