Frequently Asked Questions
Miss Teen & Asia Hawaii Pageants

I’ve never entered a pageant before.

A majority of the contestants have never entered a pageant before this one. This is a great first/starter pageant and wonderful opportunity for personal development. The staff is professionally trained to help you improve your performance and to have a positive experience.

I’ve entered a pageant before and won a title, can I still participate?

You are still eligible to be a contestant. However, you must provide approval and consent from your current organization to participate. Should you win the competition, you must also be able to uphold your commitments to MAH, or forfeit your title to the next eligible candidate. If you are a MAH titleholder, you are precluded from entering any pageant during your reign, unless your have consent from the Executive Director.

What are you looking for in a contestant and titleholder?

An ideal MAH Queen would have strong character, a good work ethic, is intelligent, and aware of her Asian heritage; communicates well with the community and her peers, enjoys being involved in the community, and is committed to the MAH program, amongst many other qualities.

What is the mission of this pageant?

Please see the Mission Statement at the http://www.MissAsiaHawaii.com. Our goal is to empower and involve these young women of Asian heritage (and the families, friends, and community) through this process and to inspire Asian beauty, culture and elegance within the islands of Hawaii.

What kind of time commitment will I need to make while in the pageant and thereafter?

Rehearsals are generally every week for a few hours, and a week prior to the pageant event. But much personal preparation on your own time must be done as well, i.e. selecting makeup stylists and your wardrobe, practicing your phases, platform, attaining sponsors, etc. It can be demanding. If you stay focused and organized, however, this should be an exciting and positive experience. Should you be part of the court, you are expected to make best efforts for appearances. Please see the Contestant and Court Agreement at http://www.MissAsiaHawaii.com.

How can I prepare for this event?

First, you should acquaint yourself with the mission of MAH and any information provided. Then, the staff of MAH will provide direction on how to personally and physically prepare for the appearances and competition. Some people find it helpful to engage outside help via stylists, coaches, etc. While this is unnecessary, you may do so at your own expense and discretion.

What kind of costs are associated with this pageant and related events?

The registration fee for MAH is $300 which covers administrative and event related expenses. While certain sponsors donate prizes and contribute towards advertising, much of the costs are subsidized through ticket and ad sales by the contestants. Additional costs may include hiring a personal stylist (although MAH may help provide one for you, if necessary), wardrobe (interview/appearance dress, swimsuit, and accessories, ethnic attire, evening gown, etc.) If you support the MAH Program book, and compete for Miss Popularity, you can subsidize costs by attaining sponsors from the community.

How will I benefit from participating in this pageant?

It is expected that you will learn more about personal development, cultivate more confidence and self esteem, and proudly express your Asian heritage. There are many ways one can benefit from such experiences and the competition itself. It is more than just a beauty pageant.


What kind of organization is the MAH?

The MAH Scholarship Foundation is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), All Rights Reserved, devoted to creating scholarship opportunities for MAH contestants, and committed to empowering young Asian women to be the best they can be.

Who is the staff of MAH?

The staff is comprised of volunteer professionals, interns, and people of all ethnicities and backgrounds who share the common goal of supporting the MAH Pageant and Scholarship Foundation.

What is the competition for the MAH pageant?

The competition begins with the interview phase (25%)/platform (10%); ethnic presentation phase (10%); swimsuit phase (10%); and evening gown (10%) and final question (10%), and community/personal participation (25%). The Talent competition is optional. There are special awards that are decided by the MAH Pageant Committee, and by the pageant judges. In case of a tie, the judges will re-score.

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