Simone is the daughter of Ferdie Sarmiento and Grace Ballesteros and is born in Honolulu, Hawaii. A high school graduate of Laguna Creek High School in Elk Grove, California and is currently a student at Sacramento City College finishing up her General Education. She is currently double majoring in Nutrition Science and Psychology and will be transfer ring to UC Davis to complete her bachelors degrees. She is currently a Vice President of Information Technology for the organization of AMSA – American Medical Student Association of American River College. Her duties include maintaining the organization’s web site, giving tours to pre-medical students at the UC Davis Medical School, help organize physician speakers on campus and working as a volunteer at the ARC/UC Davis Medical Annual Conference. Currently Simone is interested in specializing in psychiatry. Simone is also a kung fu instructor for the Eastern Ways Martial Arts School and has a black sash. She teaches beginning, advance kung fu and also lion dancing. Simone participates in teaching self defense to Girl Scouts and performing lion dances all over the region. Simone also volunteers at the Sacramento Public Library in giving tours, preparing for events and maintaining the library. Her hobbies are ukulele, guitar, making simple animations, playing video games, cooking, baking and raising/breeding Crested Geckos.

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